Manuscript type

Manuscript type

The manuscript should clearly demonstrate the main thesis, argumentative strategy(ies), methodology and what differentiates your paper from other similar research studies. The manuscript should be research-based (quantitative or qualitative, or mixed) and based on established disciplinary fields of study, in other words reflecting academic rigour grounded in a body of past and current research. The manuscript should be problem-driven papers that address timely African issues, in all areas of disciplines. We encourage submission of technical reports, book reviews and a summary of seminars presented in academic fora.

Plagiarism check

Editors of the IKENGA International Journal of Institute of African Studies insist on the submission of original manuscript of not more than fifteen percent similarity index. Therefore, by submitting your manuscript to IKENGA International Journal of Institute of African Studies you have agreed to the originality checks before the peer-review and production processes. The Editors take academic integrity very seriously, and any manuscript that fails the plagiarism check will be returned to the manuscript contributor for clarification or rejected.

Peer-review process

All the manuscripts are subjected through internal and external peer-review processes. The internal process is by our internationally renowned editorial board members that consider the originality, focus, and general standard of the manuscript. This process takes between two and three weeks and at its conclusion, the manuscript contributor is communicated. The external process involves double-blind review of the manuscript by two experts for their critical opinions. The two reviewers must agree, but a third reviewer may be required if the Editors consider it necessary.